Political profiling and repression existed before C-51


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“ J’ai lu ce titre quelque part recemment “Big Brother” debarque au Canada?. Faite moi rire: Big Brother est ici depuis longtemps, tres longtemps.”

This quote in french comes from Suzanne Chabot, protagonist of our story, in an editorial for la Presse.

Suzanne Chabot is one of three women along with Katy Rougetel and Wendy Stevenson, protagonist of a case of political repression here in Quebec that has been often forgotten. This story need to be reminded at the time the Bill C-51 is about to be adopted.

Wendy Stevenson tells in this interview how in 1979, these three political activists women were fired from their jobs at Pratt & Whitney at the same time, after an RCMP officer had warned their staff about their commitments. A few months later they were fired again but this time simultaneously in two different companies.

Antoine Cadaux talked (in french) to Wendy Stevenson about that story and political profiling and repression.

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