Round table about the situation of palestinian women

“Table ronde sur la situation des femmes palestiniennes”

Participants were:

Rana Alrabi: (Animatrice de la discussion)

Rana Alrabi was born in the United Arab Emirates to Palestinian and Lebanese parents, and emigrated a few years later with her family to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Inspired by an interest to communicate and to heal, Rana completed a Bachelor of Science and a minor in Management from McGill University, a Graduate diploma in Administration for health and social services from Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business, and a Graduate diploma in Public Relations Management from McGill University. Rana’s career in public relations with organisations in the fields of health care, education, environment, and international relations, as well as with corporations and startups, uncovered her calling: to create and promote messages, initiatives and events that inspire a positive social investment. Rana’s most enjoyed experiences include planning events and facilitating dialogue on the personal and social impacts of the developments in Palestine Israel.

Yasmeen Daher : Lecturer at Concordia University and as a Palestinian woman, Yasmeen is particularly interested in the various forms of Arab feminism and in the problematics of examining and studying Arab women within a Western context.

Samia Al-Botmeh, is the director of the Centre for Development Studies at Birzeit University and an assistant professor in economics. She has completed her PhD at the School of African and Oriental Studies- University of London, in labour economics, the title of her thesis : ‘Palestinian Women’s Labour Supply: Towards an Explanation of Low and Fluctuating Female Labour Force Participation’. Samia’s areas of interest and publications are gender economics, labour economics, and political economy of development.

Zahia El Masri : Arrivée au Canada en 1985 à l’âge de 12 ans, Zahia détient une maîtrise en administration publique et analyse politique de l’Université de Concordia. Elle est présentement Chargée des communications et des formations au ROMEL.


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