Panel Discussion: Opposing Militarism and Austerity in Canada


Listen to a panel discussion recorded live on CKUT’s community news program Off the Hour that highlights the voices of Montreal activists working to oppose both militarism and war.

In this discussion local activists highlight the massive financial resources directed to the current neo-colonial military bombing of Iraq and Syria while at home, in communities across Quebec and Canada, there is a massive revoking of public financial resources to critically important institutions, like public schools and health care.

Featuring Cadence & Isaac activists with Demilitarize McGill a collective that wants to interrupt the university’s history of complicity in imperialism and settler colonialism, by ending military collaboration at McGill. Also Dru Oja Jay who is a media maker and community activist, co-founder of The Media Coop and Camille Godbout a spokes person for Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ).

discussion hosted by Stefan Christoff on CKUT’s community news program Off the Hour in the context of the lead up to a Montreal demonstration against war and austerity, info :


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