Palestine Solidarity Sessions: Interview with Edmond Omran of MAP

MAP Logo
MAP Logo

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Edmond Omran is the president of Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP). MAP’s mission is to improve the health condition of Palestinians while respecting their autonomy and self-determination. MAP also works to develop cooperation and understanding between Canadians and Palestinians through the exchange of information and resources.

In this interview, Edmond will talk about the different activities and services that MAP offers. He will talk about the medical collaboration they work on with Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank. He will describe how can we MAP’s Documentation Center and who can benefit from MAP’s consulting services. Edmond will also talk about the Zeituna project, a Palestinian olive oil production sold in Canada. Finally he will explain how you can volunteer, help and/or donate to MAP.



Throughout the month of August, CKUT brings you “The Palestine Solidarity Sessions”, an in-depth series focusing on the issue of Palestine, and what can be done. Each segment will feature voices of Palestinians and their supporters throughout the world calling for a just peace – voices that are all too often left out of the mainstream media debate.

This new series underlines the importance of the work we are doing as independent community journalists to engage in truth-telling.  Its main aim is to give our listeners tools to support the Palestinians in their struggle, to get involved in the Palestine-solidarity movement and to help create awareness about the Palestinian plight.

Tune in on CKUT, 90.3 FM in Montreal, or online at during the following shows:
The Morning After, Tuesdays 7am
Off the Hour, Wednesdays 5-6pm
Under the Olive Tree, Thursdays 11am

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