Palestine Solidarity Sessions: An Interview with Ian Ilavsky from Constellation Records

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Ian Ilavsky is the co-founder and co-owner of Montreal independent record label Constellation Records. Ian Ilavsky signed the Artists Against Israeli Apartheid statement in 2010 in support of BDS-Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions campaign and Constellation Records has recently released a statement on their website condemning the recent Israeli war crimes in Gaza. 

In this interview, Ian talks about why Constellation Records felt they needed to speak out against the recent Israeli operation and why it’s important for artists to join the BDS campaign. 


One thought on “Palestine Solidarity Sessions: An Interview with Ian Ilavsky from Constellation Records

  1. BDS claims to be a peaceful movement whose goal is to use “punitive economic means” to pressure Israel to rectify the wrongs done to human rights in the Palestinian territories. In reality, BDS is a thinly-disguised effort to coordinate and complement the violent strategy of Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim “rejectionists” who have refused to make peace with Israel for over six decades, and to pursue a high-profile campaign composed of anti-Israel Big Lies to help destroy the Jewish State by any and all means.

    FIRST: Double Standards – singling out Israel for criticism while ignoring the more egregious behavior of major human rights abusers in the Arab and Muslim world and beyond.

    SECOND: Demonization of Israel – distorting the Jewish State’s actions by means of insidious and false comparisons with the Nazis and/or South Africa’s Apartheid regime.

    THIRD: Delegitimization – when Israel’s fundamental right to exist is denied—alone among all nations in the world—this too is anti-Semitism.

    Here are six reasons why the Movement has had considerable success in advancing its dishonest agenda:
    • BDS presents itself as peaceful and favoring “nonviolent punitive measures,” but refuses to denounce anti-Israel, anti-Jewish violence.
    • BDS systematically downplays its programmatic commitment of the unlimited “right of return” of millions of Palestinians, not born in Israel but claiming refugee status that would spell the end of the Jewish State.
    • BDS claims to want to right the wrongs against Palestinians yet attacks the foundations of Israel’s entire economy and society: all (Jewish) Israelis are collectively guilty.
    • BDS is committed to a one-sided historical narrative denying any responsibility of Palestinian, Arab, and Muslim “rejectionists” for destroying chances for peace and reconciliation—from before the founding of Israel in 1948, to the 1980 Egyptian- Israeli Peace Treaty, to the 1993 Oslo Accords, to the 2000-2001 Camp David and Wye Summits, to the 2005 Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, to this very day.
    • BDS slanders the Zionist Movement by falsifying the profound differences between Apartheid South Africa and democratic Israel.

    SInce BDS is modeled on the campaign against South Africa, it was not designed to promote peace, but to dismantle the state. The BDS Movement rejects the peace process. Its leaders routinely dismiss peace efforts ranging from the 1978 Camp David Peace Accords to the Oslo Process. BDS advocates refuse to contemplate the negative effects their efforts will have on the peace process. With their zero-sum approach to everything Israeli, they make no attempt to address issues of reconciliation and coexistence. Moreover, they do not acknowledge any Palestinian responsibility or accountability. Rather than encourage compromise, efforts to isolate Israel only make its citizens feel more vulnerable and raise the already high level of tension in the area.

    BDS leaders abhor cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians. Perhaps the best example of their hypocrisy is BDS co-founder, Omar Bar-ghouti, who advocates a boycott against Israeli universities even as he enjoys the benefits of participating in a Ph.D. program at Tel Aviv University.
    BDS reinforces the views of the cynics who do not believe that any compromise will satisfy the Palestinians, and undermines the peace activists who believe the Palestinians would trade peace for land. Rather than encourage compromise, efforts to isolate Israel only make its citizens feel more vulnerable and raise the already high level of risk associated with evacuating additional territory.


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