An interview with the filmmakers of “The Unspeakable Truth”




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What does it mean to be gay and Haitian? The documentary project “The Unspeakable Truth”  examines this question by interviewing and telling the stories of members of the LGBT Haitian community in Montreal. Filmmakers Benjamin Gardere and Koralie Woodward were inspired by a photography project of Koralie’s where she took portraits of the Haitain LGBT community. After meeting their first subjects and hearing their stories, the pair knew they had to dig deeper and share their findings with the world. It became more than just portraits of a community; it needed to expand into the portrait of a culture. A short version of the film will be available in December.


2 thoughts on “An interview with the filmmakers of “The Unspeakable Truth”

  1. Reblogged this on The Unspeakable Truth and commented:
    We were invited to speak of our project at McGill University’s CKUT Radio this summer. Listen to it here!

    Nous étions invités à parlé du documentaire sur la station CKUT de l’université McGill. Voici l’extrait!

    Nou te invite vinn eksplike pwojè a nan radyo CKUT nan inivèsite McGill la. Fè yon tande sa nou di!


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