Gaza-Solidarity in Montreal: 5 Actions in 10 Days

(A special report from CKUT’s program Under the Olive Tree)

Mobilization in solidarity with Palestinians continues to intensify in Montreal, as Friday saw the 6th protest against Israel’s war on Gaza since the offensive began on July 8th.  Hundreds of protesters have gathered in Montreal to demand an end to Israel’s deadly air and ground offensive in Gaza that has killed over 1,060 Palestinians and wounded over 6,000. Protesters are demanding an end to Israel’s colonial occupation of Palestine and are calling on the Canadian and Quebec governments to end their complicity with Israeli breaches of international law.


After the first protest took place on July 11th, hundreds of Montrealers gathered again on July 16th to march through the streets.  Jasmin and Amal, two women from Gaza explained that “it’s just not fair what’s happening to the kids, to the women, to the men.  I just want Canadians to step up and say it’s not ok, it’s not right what’s happening”.

2 Protesters from Gaza - July 16
2 Protesters from Gaza – July 16

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