Hundreds Gather in Montreal on Friday to Denounce Yet Another Israeli War on Gaza

(A special report from CKUT’s program Under the Olive Tree) 

Hundreds of people gathered on Friday July 11
th in downtown Montreal to demonstrate support for Palestinians and to protest against the recent assault by the Israeli Army on the Gaza Strip. Since Tuesday July 8th, over 180 Gazans have been killed by Israeli air strikes, many of whom are children and over 1,120 Palestinians wounded in what Israel is calling “Operation Protective Edge”.

Hundreds took to the streets to express their solidarity with Gaza

Emergency protests were organized around the world to denounce the brutal attack on Gaza.  Hala Marley, a member of the Montreal-based group Palestinian and Jewish Unity (PAJU) explained that the Montreal protest was started by a citizen initiative that then drew in larger organisations from across the city.  Even though brought together by tragic events, there was a strong sense of solidarity and empowerment among the protesters as they held the longest Palestinian flag in the world covered with messages of hope and encouragement for the Palestinian people. Continue reading