FRAPRU requests 1000 social housing units in Verdun

At 2pm on Monday, May 12th, protesters gathered in front of the De l’Eglise metro station and marched to the office of Jacques Daoust, the minister of economy, innovations and exportations.


The intention of the action was to hand over to Jacques Daoust the protesters demands concerning social housing, however the SPVM was blocking the entrance.


Jacques Daoust wasn’t at his office at the time, but a representative came down to the street and briefly talked with Veronique de Broin from the Comite d’Actions des Citoyen de Verdun. He refused to answer any questions from the public.


A protester asked the minister’s representative: “when will you start taxing the banks?”. He refused to answer any questions.


This demonstration is a first in a series of actions organized by the social housing rights groups FRAPRU. The week of action will conclude on Friday, May 16th, at the occasion of a demonstration at the ministry of finance in Quebec City.





4 thoughts on “FRAPRU requests 1000 social housing units in Verdun

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