Amnesty International launches new campaign against torture


Amnesty International launched their fourth campaign against torture. In 1984 the campaign achieved the adoption of a convention against torture and other crual, inhuman or degrading treatments. However, the tendency in the last few years has been an increase of the use of torture. In 2012, 112 countries tortured their citizens. Countries including Canada are no longer showing respect towards the Convention signed in 1984.  Amongst the speakers testifying about torture at the press launching the campaign in Montreal was Damien Corsetti.

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In March 1998, Imen Derouiche was arrested in Tunisia following her participation in a non-violent peaceful student protest. During her so-called interrogations, she was a victim of rape and torture, which lasted for five days. During the trial, the judge refused to hear her talk about the treatment she had been submitted to. Following an Amnesty International campaign and international pressure, she was freed from prison in August 1999. She was denied the right to either work or study in Tunisia and settled in France. Today, she is a member of the Popular Front in Tunisia, a colaition aiming to promote democratie in the country.

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