Al Jazeera journalists face trial in Cairo



Click here to download audio

On December 29th, Egypt’s security forces arrested four Al Jazeera journalists in Cairo. Conditions for journalists in Egypt have become difficult since former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was removed in a coup on July 3rd, 2013. Al Jazeera consideres that these arrests and these accusations for links to the Muslim Brotehrhood, a so-called terrorist group, are a step too far in the repression of press freedom in Egypt. CKUT’s Amelie Phillipson spoke to Al Jazeera producer Jet Belgraver, as well as to two activists and to Sherif Fahmy, the brother of one of the detained journalists, and she filed this report.

Ehab Lotayef (Egyptian Canadian Coalition for Democracy) full interview : [audio]

Jet Belgraver (Al Jazeera) full interview: [audio]

Tom Henheffer (Canadian journalists for free expression) full interview: [audio]


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