Fox News North Emergency Broadcast

In this special edition of Friday Off the Hour, academics, watchdogs, and activists spoke on the recent controversy arising around Prime Minister Harpers attempts to create SunTV.

CKUT’s special emergency broadcast aired September 17th. The show featured guests Emma Ruby Saks, campaign coordinator with, Professor Mark Raboy from McGill University, Professor Leslie Shade from Concordia University, Ian Morrison, spokesperson for Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, Professor Donald Gutstein, co-director of NewsWatch Canada, and Steve Anderson, National Coordinator of

The show focused on the political and social implications of establishing a channel similar to Fox News in Canada.

To download the interview with Emma Ruby Saks, please click here, or if you would like to stream it, please press the arrow below.″

If you are interested in listening to the interview with Professor Mark Roboy and Professor Leslie Shade, you can click on the arrow below, or if you would like to download it, please click here.″

To download the interview with Ian Morrison, please click here. If you would like to stream the interview, please click below.″

If you wish to download the interview with Professor Donald Gutstein, please click here. Otherwise, you can stream it below!″

Finally, if you are keen on streaming an interview with Emma Ruby Saks and Steve Anderson, please click below. Otherwise, you can click here to download it.″

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