Back to School Special

In the special broadcast from September 6th to the 10th, CKUT’s news collective hour featured issues surrounding going back to school.

On September 7th, an interview with Joce Jessen and a queer walking tour around downtown Montreal. Click here to download the Joce Jessen interview. Click here to download part 1 of the Queer Walking Tour and here to download part 2.

Click below to stream the Joce Jessen interview.″

Click below for part 1 of the queer walking tour, and below that for part 2.″″

On September 8th, CKUT celebrated international literacy day by broadcasting an interview with a representative of the Canadian Council on Learning. Click here to download Marc’s interview.

Click on the arrow below to stream the interview about literacy rates.″

On September 10th, an interview with Ashley about QPIRG Concordia, an interview with Joel about issues facing the Quebec Student Movement, and finally an interview with Adrienne about rising tuition at McGill University. Click here to download the interview with Ashley, here for the interview with Joel, and finally here for the interview with Adrienne.

To stream Ashley’s interview, please click below.″

If you want to stream Joel’s interview, please click on the arrow below.″

Finally, if streaming Adrienne’s interview is what you really want to do, please click below.″

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