Off The Hour ~ June 25, 2010 ~ Radio Liberation

On this edition of Off The Hour: Radio Liberation, hosted by Kader Belaouni.

This broadcasts features updates on the G20 and G8 summits that are now unfolding in Toronto and Huntsville, Ontario.

Kader speaks to CKUT’s Aaron Lakoff and Cathy Inouye, who provide first-hand accounts of the protests against the G8, straight from the streets of Toronto.

This program also features an interview by CKUT’s Natalia Evdokimova with Dan Kellar, an activist who describes police harassment against those who have gathered in Toronto to oppose these summits of the international power elite.

Streaming audio:

Audio for download here!

Radio Liberation is a special monthly edition of Off The Hour, hosted by Abdelkader Belaouni (“Kader” to his friends).

Kader is a refugee from Algeria. Resisting deportation by Canadian authorities, he spent three years, nine months and twenty-two days in sanctuary at Montreal’s St. Gabriel Church. It was then that he began broadcasting on CKUT’s Off The Hour.

Today, having won his struggle for status in Canada, he continues to work with CKUT’s Community News Collective with Radio Liberation.

Audio hosted by


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