Forum Against Police Violence and Impunity

Local social justice activists recently held Montreal’s first-ever Forum Against Police Violence and Impunity.

We are gradually uploading all the audio from the Forum to this page, including reports produced by the CKUT News Collective and raw, unedited recordings.

The Forum: Taking on Police Brutality in Montreal

This two part documentary gives an overview of the weekend:

Download part 1 here.

Download part 2 here

No justice, no peace: Why people leave the police

The round-table that kicked off the Forum Against Police Violence and Impunity.

This panel featured people who either went through police training and/or were part of a police force before leaving it, to eventually become social justice activists and organizers.

With: Gaby Pedicelli, Marcel Sévigny & Will Prosper
Facilitated by: Nazila Bettache & Samir Shaheen-Hussain

[arg — looks like the link has died for this one! We are working on finding the original audio and getting it back up.]

SORRY YOU CAN’T Download the whole panel  here.

SISTA 2 SISTA: Alternatives to Prisons and Police

Speakers at the Forum included New York City’s Isabel Gonzales and Loira Limal.
These women were both involved with the Sista 2 Sista project,  a collective of Black and Latina working-class women in Brooklyn that worked to build political and cultural alternatives to the systems we live in, and to build a society of liberation and love.

This report includes excerpts from their presentation, along with music including “One Thing” by Freeway and Jake One (with Raekwon), “Mathematics” by Mos Def,   and “I try” by Talib Kweli featuring Mary J. Blige:

Download part 1

Download part 2

Download the whole Sista 2 Sista talk here (unedited except for some comments from audience where volume was low)


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