Headlines for the week of March 29th, 2009

Click HERE to listen (runs 10 min, 26 sec)

In Brief:


Vancouver – Police shoot and kill homeless man

Canada / US – Plans for new pollution control zones for coastal ports

Canada – British MP Galloway banned from entry on grounds of “national security”;

Canada – Censorship and government compliance: Galloway speaks over Internet stream instead // 1952: Paul Robeson’s speech


Europe – 60th NATO summit this week; Peace activists organize to protest

Israel – Israeli military’s lawyer calls soldier misconduct “based on hearsay”

Middle East/Africa – Arab League rejects decision of International Criminal Court, supporting Sudanese Pres. Omar El-Bashir

Hosted by the NCRA: http://ncra.ca/exchange/dspProgramDetail.cfm?programID=82787

Thanks this week to our friends at the Dominion, and our contributors: Fabrice Fotso, Caitlyn Chappel, Anabel Khoo, Laura Glowacki, Chris Albinati, Laurin Liu, David Koch, TJ Khan and Juniper Belshaw of the CKUT Community News Collective.

If you rebroadcast, or have comments/questions/feedback, please contact headlines@ckut.ca


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