Off the Hour, week of February 23

Tune in for Off the Hour, broadcast live every weekday from 5-6 PM on CKUT 90.3 fm. Click on hyperlinks for archived audio.

On this week’s OTH:

Monday… the Homlessness Marathon was broadcast LIVE from the Native Friendship Center in Montreal, and rebroadcast on stations from coast to coast. Read more about the Homelessness Marathon here.

Tuesday… Some highlights from the Homelessness Marathon. Then, some events you won’t want to miss during the 5th annual Apartheid Week. Rounding out the hour, another episode of Homeless Radio hosted by Roach.

Wednesday… excerpts from a lecture given by Robert Fisk at Concordia University. Fisk is an award-winning Middle East correspondent stationed in Beirut, Lebanon and reporting for The Independent.

Thursday… CKUT aired a special four-hour broadcast to mark the fifth anniversary of the overthrow of Haitian democracy. The program will provide in-depth interviews with Haitian union leaders, progressive politicians, and rights advocates, and will also feature a panel discussion with members of the Canada Haiti Action Network (CHAN). Five years ago, Canadian soldiers participated in a military operation to overthrow Haiti’s elected government. Today, after five years of neoliberal “shock therapy”, Canadian personnel remain in Haiti under the cover of a UN mission. Haiti remains Canada’s other, untalked-of, occupation, along with Afghanistan. This special program aims to explore Canada’s role in Haiti and to highlight Haitian resistance.

Friday… This week’s headlines, brought to you by CKUT’s news collective. Aaron Lakoff then speaks to Jessica Carpinone about a poster promoting Israeli Apartheid Week that was banned at Carleton University. Then, a preview of the International Women’s Day conference from CKUT’s Caitlin Chappel and Anabel Khoo.


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