Headlines for Feb. 25, 2009

Click here to listen (runs 12 min 36 sec).

This week:
-Hotel workers enter 8th month locked out of work by employers at Holiday Inn Longueuil
-Montreal music venue Casa del Popolo forced to cancel all upcoming shows until further notice
-Court reduces level of police surveillance on Adil Charkaoui
-BC and Federal governments release swollen security budget for 2010 Olympics
-Ft. Chipewyan aboriginals and researcher Dr. John O’Connor renew call for Alberta to reverse environmental degradation caused by N. Alberta oil sands
-Homeless man found burned to death in Abbotsford, BC
-Media news: poor and homeless people and supporters take to airwaves for 14 consecutive hours during nation-wide broadcast of The Homelessness Marathon
-According to an unconfirmed report in The Jerusalem Post, Canada is now representing Israeli interests at Caracas
-British police warn economic recession could spark rioting by disaffected middle class, activists and environmentalists for a “summer of rage”

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