Off the Hour, week of Feb. 16th

Here’s what aired on this week’s Off the Hour. Click on hyperlinks for archived audio.

Tuesday … the McGill Daily in Review, the York University strike, an interesting perspective on the economy and a sneak preview of next week’s Homelessness Marathon.

Wednesday… as part of our coverage for Black History Month, the Avalanche aired a lecture given by award winning historian and specialist in Black Canadian History, Dr. Dorothy Williams. You can read about her life and work here.

Thursday… CKUT’s David Tacium hosts a new edition of Labour Radio.

Friday… Abdelkader Balaouni hosts the Hour of Power from sanctuary in St. Gabriel’s church.

Abdelkader Belaouni (“Kader” to his friends) is a refugee from Algeria who came to Montreal via the USA. Kader is in sanctuary inside the St-Gabriel’s Catholic Church in his community of Point St-Charles — a mixed French-English poor working class neighborhood of Montreal, with a long history of community mobilization.

Kader defied an order to be deported on January 5, 2006, and has remained in sanctuary ever since.

CKUT is a community radio station proudly embedded in movements for social justice, particularly those of migrants in Montreal. Since Kader cannot leave the church, CKUT radio will join him inside the sanctuary of St-Gabriel’s Church, in the heart of Point St-Charles.

Off the Hour is CKUT 90.3 fm’s daily news show, which airs live from 5-6 PM every weekday.


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