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We are now producing our weekly headlines broadcast in collaboration with The Dominion, an independent grassroots news source that you can read online or in the print version distributed monthly across Canada.

In brief:

-Protesters in Montreal and Toronto hurl shoes at US consulates in solidarity with jailed Iraqi journalist Mantadhar al-Zeidi

-Bush pushes through a record number of ‘midnight regulations,’ changing rules on environment, abortion, gun control before finally leaving office next month

-US war resister to be deported from Canada today

-Body of a Montreal homeless man found frozen in park; shelters demand funding from province

-Vancouver homeless woman burns to death trying to stay warm

-Canadian troops to use ‘laser dazzlers’ on Afghan civilians

-Assassinations of indigenous Wuyuu people continue in Colombia; Army kills partner of indigenous leader Aida Quilcué

David Koch/Anabel Khoo/The Dominion


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