Dec 17 2008 – Headlines

CLICK HERE to listen (9m 16s):

In brief:

-Liberal Party of Canada calls for ban on Tasers; Police forces recall some of the weapons for testing after CBC probe finds potentially deadly malfunction

-Newfoundland and Labrador to expropriate assets from AbitibiBowater after the logging company closes a pulp mill

-Barriere Lake: Acting chief of Algonquin community sentenced to forty-five days in jail by a Quebec court for participating in November blockade of Highway 117 in Northern Quebec

-Brazil: Supreme Court rules to uphold land reform, allocating a large, continuous tract of land to indigenous people despite violent resistance of landowners

-Israel expels UN Special Rapporteur over comments comparing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Nazi treatment of Jews

-Tanzania: thousands of villagers occupy a gold mine owned by the Canada-based  Barrick Gold Corporation


David Koch/Charles Mostoller


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