Dec 10 Headlines

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– Montreal Massacre: 19th Anniversary

– No Charges in Fredy Villanueva Case

– Adil Charkaoui Faces “Public” Trial

– Quebec Election Results: Charest, Khadir

*Special report* :

Immigrant Workers’ Centre Demonstration Protests Layoffs of 500 employees Lamour textile factory: 2007

Mostafa Henaway from the IWC speaks with CKUT’s Laura Glowacki on Canadian textile industry, free trade policy, outsourcing labour, union representation, and public support for workers.


– Three Canadian Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan


– Union Workers Occupy Factory in Chicago

– Border Patrol Officer Arrested for Employing Undocumented Workers

– Blackwater guards charged with killing 14 Iraqi civilians, wounding 18 in Baghdad: 2007





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