Nov 5 Headlines

Listen to the broadcast HERE (runs 6m10s)

Nov 5, 2008

This week in brief:

-World Bank president announces cancellation of millions of dollars of Haiti’s massive debt; critics say his comments were misleading.
-IMF delays Haiti’s entrance into the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries inititative.
-Quebec announces cuts in greenhouse gas emissions for fourth straight year.
-As Jim Prentice becomes Minister of Environment, the Conference Board of Canada reports that Canada is among the worst industrialized countries for environmental standards.
-200 protestors march against oil sands development at Fort Chipewyan in Northern Alberta.
-Quebec Law that prevents migrant farm workers from unionizing is unconstitutional: UFCW
-President of International Trade Union warns that migrant workers could be the first to lose jobs in global financial crisis.
-Barack Obama elected president of USA in historic election. CKUT gauges public reaction to the news at Montreal universities.

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MP3: (runs 6m 10s)


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