(Oct 8th) Headlines from CKUT’s Community News Collective

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This week:
– Montreal Activists for a Sustainable Society (MASS) disrupt job recruitment fair, protesting military contractors Bombardier, CAE, and Transport Quebec’s disregard for environment and residents of St-Henri.

– Barriere Lake: Police use tear gas and violent coercion to end a peaceful blockade erected by Algonquin families.  Michelle Tusky, Barriere Lake spokesperson present in Barriere Lake area, speaks.

– The Sisters in Spirit Vigil commemorates the hundreds of Aborignal women missing or murdered in Canada. Theresa Ducharmme, community development coordinator for the Sisters in Spirit campaign, speaks.

– Canadian Elections: Liberal supporters in Toronto’s St-Paul’s riding experiencing intimidation.

– Afghanistan: British ambassador in Afghanistan predicts the military NATO-led campaign will fail.

– Palestinians fear contaminated drinking water where Israel maintains full control over water resources in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Runs: 6m43s

PLEASE let us know if you re-broadcast: headlines@ckut.ca




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