Oct 1 – Weekly Headlines

(Oct 1st) Headlines from CKUT’s Community News Collective

This week:
-Airplane manufacturer dumps raw sewage into Saint Lawrence River;
-Afghan journalist accuses Canada of tipping off U.S. troops to arrest him in October 2007;
-Inquest begins into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in Britain;
-80 migrant workers in BC may be deported because their employer failed to pay taxes
-In Montreal, 5000 marchers protest Bill C484.

Runs: 4m35s

PLEASE let us know if you re-broadcast: headlines@ckut.ca



Files hosted on the NCRA Exchange HERE

CORRECTION: The original email to the listserv read that:

-80 migrant workers in BC may be deported due to unpaid taxes;
-In Montreal, 500 marchers protest Bill C484.

Corrections have been made above.

Also, the report said that “Revenue Canada reportedly froze the bank accounts of [the migrant workers’] employer, Baulex Projects Ltd, because the documents had not been filed.” It was actually because the taxes had not been remitted.


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