Dec 4th – Dec 10th: This week on Off the Hour/En profondeur

Over the last week, Off the Hour/En profondeur, CKUT’s Community News Program has aired:

Lundi En profondeur []
-Venezuela Referendum
-More on the Commando Bouffe
-the extradition of John Graham

Tuesday []
-Live update from the Commando Bouffe
-A Women’s View of the Emergency in Pakistan
-Public Service Journalism in Post-Communist Countries
-Homeless Radio: The State of Emergency

Wednesday with The Avalanche
-Media Democracy and Community Radio

Thursday No One is Illegal Radio
-Indigenous resistance to the US-Mexico Border Wall
-Crackdown on migrant workers in South Korea
-“Hurray for Herouxville!”

Friday []
-A SPECIAL gendered view of violence. In commemoration of the Montreal Massacre and in the lead up to the International Day Opposed to Violence Against Sex Workers, this edition features a discussion about violence as it affects the lives of women, trans gendered people and sex workers.  Includes perspectives from INCITE women of colour against violence, Prostitution Alternatives Counseling and Education, and Montreal’s own Stella.


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