Dec 11th – Dec 20th: Off the Hour/En profondeur (CKUT 90.3fm /

Tuesday []

-Deportation Stopped at Vancouver International Airport

-Commando Bouffe Sound Collage

-Report from Vigil for Mohamed Anas Bennis

-Tasers as used by the Police (Redeye from CO-OP)


Wednesday with The Avalanche []

-Holiday Special

-Review of O’Noir (restaurant that employs people living with blindness:

-Avatil Choir


Thursday Prison Radio []

-Free the Cuban 5 (live report)

-Mumia Abu Jamal (on the CIA, Obama, and False History)

-Street Youth on Prison

-Gord Hill, Native Youth Movement


Friday []

-Critical Mass Sound Track

-Participatory Economics and You with Michael Albert


Lundi En profondeur []

-Jen Cleman from Stella on the Day Opposed to Violence Against Sex Workers

-Benoit Perron Secret Police in Quebec (1949-1980)

-Contre de Taser March in Montreal


Tuesday []

-Blocking Bulldozers in New Orleans (an experiment in DJing the News)

-Community Convergence on Racism and Reasonable Accommodation

-Street Radio


Wednesday with The Avalanche []

PART ONE of a NEW DOCUMENTARY. Stay tuned to CKUT Radio as we break open a new chapter on the naming of genocide. We’ll be joined by academics, authors, and survivors to reflect on the following three topics: PART ONE Genocide: What’s in a Name?, PART TWO Untold Stories: The North American Holocaust and Genocide in Palestine, and PART THREE Taking on Genocide: The Will to Act.


Thursday Labour Radio []

-Marc Clement, former solider, on working for the Canadian Army

-David Thompson on discrimination in the workplace for those living with HIV/AIDS


Friday []

-Radio Sanctuary on life in Point Saint Charles (Montreal) and Gaza (Palestine)


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