OTH Archive from Nov. 19 – Nov. 23, 2007

Over the last week, Off the Hour, CKUT’s Community News Program has aired:

Lundi – En Profondeur [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071119.17.00-18.00.mp3]
– A review of the Mainstream Media on the Strike
– Inside the Student Strike (a round table)

Tuesday [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071120.17.00-18.00.mp3]
– McGill Daily chimes in on Student Strikes
– No Borders MTL, report back from the Laval Immigration Prevention Centre
– Buy Nothing Day Celebration and Events Preview

Wednesday with The Avalanche [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071121.17.00-18.00.mp3]
– Women in Community Radio

Thursday [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071122.17.00-18.00.mp3]
– Tar Sands Presentation by The Dominion

Friday [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071123.17.00-18.00.mp3]
-Food and Development, a critique of the World Bank Annual Development Report, which this year focused on Agriculture
-A view of the Emergency in Pakistan from Dictatorship Watch
-Interviews from Dans la rue

« OFF THE HOUR » is corporate-free news zone that reflects our community
because it is made by our community. Airing weekdays on 90.3fm in
Montreal from 5p.m. to 6p.m., the show is produced by the station’s
Community News Collective, which is made up of CKUT volunteers and
representatives from a number of community groups. We archive our
programs, contact us to find out more: 514.448.4041 x6788 or

L’émission « OFF THE HOUR » du Lundi au Vendredi, de 17h à 18h, est
notre rendez-vous quotidien avec l’actualité. L’équipe de l’émission est
composée de bénévoles de la station et de représentants de groupes
communautaires divers. Nos émissions sont archivées et vous pouvez nous
contacter pour savoir comment obtenir une copie : 514.448.4041 x6788 or


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