Over the last week, Off the Hour, CKUT’s Community News Program has aired:

Lundi – En Profondeur [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071112.17.00-18.00.mp3]

– Breakfast at the Borders a final radio doc from the No Borders Camp

– Movement Action Justice

– UQAM Student Rise Up in Quebec to Freeze Tuition

– Interview with UQAM Professor on Squatting in Quebec



Tuesday [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071113.17.00-18.00.mp3]

– A Pledge of Resistance On the Eve of the Battle for New Orleans

– ReDefining Media Democracy and CKUT (documentary)

– Homeless Radio (New Segment) on Squatting in Montreal



Wednesday with The Avalanche


– Interview with CRTC on Campus Community Radio

– Plus Mystery Callers (a game show featuring voices from the past)


Thursday with Labour Radio [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071115.17.00-18.00.mp3]

– SPCA Layoffs

– Feature on Childcare Workers and Collectives

<>Friday [http://secure.ckut.ca/64/20071116.17.00-18.00.mp3]

<>- Radio Sanctuary featuring Head and Hands, 2110, and Apartheid from Israel to Canada.



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