(audio available) Redefining Media: Media Democracy and Community Radio

Redefining Media: Media Democracy and Community Radio
A CKUT 20th Anniversary Event
In celebration of Media Democracy Day on October 18th, CKUT hosted its
first annual media conference from October 19th to 21st, 2007.  The goal
of this conference was to provide participants with a critical
understanding of media democracy, diversity and representation in the
media.  It will focus primarily on community radio and the ways in which
it can be used to provide the public with clear, accurate, and
representational viewpoints and information, while actively combating
stereotyping according to race, gender, ethnicity and other factors.
For panel and workshop descriptions, speaker bios, and locations, visit:
PART 1: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=25198
PART 2: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=25214
KEYNOTE: Amy Goodman
Presentation by Amy Goodman, host and producer of the award-winning,
New-York based independent news program, Democracy Now!
Part 1
Part 2
Canadian Media and The War on Terror
Arshad Khan
Arshad Khan was born in Pakistan. Growing up in a creative and artistic
family, he took keen interest in visual arts and making home movies. At
sixteen he migrated to Canada with his family. At the turn of this century
he was a student at Ryerson University architecture school. After 9/11, he
became a peace activist. On 14th August 2003, the 56th independence day of
Pakistan, the newspaper headlines screamed of a terror cell in Toronto of
all places. The RCMP's (Canadian Police) terror sweep was labelled Project
Thread. Arshad joined an activist group in Toronto called Project
Threadbare that came together in response to the arrests, once it was
clear that those arrests were made under wrong implications. The Muslim
and Pakistani community wanted nothing to do with the Project Thread
victims, due to the taint of terrorism attached to them. Arshad dropped
out of architecture school, bought the cheapest mini DV camera he could
find and set out to help get Project Thread's 21-25 victims out of jail.
Over the next few months, along with Project Threadbare, he helped Project
Thread victims and tried to find justice for them. He taught himself film
editing and tried to capture the struggle of the Project Thread victims on
tape as best as possible. "Threadbare" is his first feature documentary.
Stefan Christoff
Stefan Christoff is an independent journalist and social activist based in
Montreal. He has worked extensively in Canada and internationally,
reporting on a wide spectrum of social, economic and political issues.
Christoff is a member of Tadamon! Montreal and is deeply involved in
struggles for social and economic justice in Montreal, throughout Canada
and internationally.
Sameer Zuberi, CAIR
Sameer Zuberi is the Communications and Human Rights Coordinator at the
Canadian Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), a national civil
liberties organization headquartered in Ottawa, working in the areas of
media relations, human rights and political advocacy. Between 2002 and
2005 Sameer was involved in dozens of Montreal-based grassroots campaigns.
While studying Mathematics at Concordia University, he served two terms as
a member of the Concordia Student Union Executive. Sameer is currently
pursuing graduate studies at Concordia's School of Community and Public
Anti-Oppression and Community Radio
Liam Michaud O'Grady, Prison Radio
Liam Michaud O'Grady has been doing radio work with CKUT for less than a
year - this time has been spent contributing to and producing Prison
Radio, and trying to negotiate a working idea of solidarity reporting in
this context. Liam is involved with Open Door Books/Books to Prisoners and
a Queer and Trans Prisoner Solidarity Project.
Sharmeen Khan
Sharmeen Khan is a graduate student in Communications and Culture at York
University. She is also on the Editorial Collective of Upping the Anti: A
Journal of Theory and Action. She has volunteered and worked in community
radio for the past eight years, most recently as the Volunteer Coordinator
at CHRY 105.5FM at York University. She has been facilitating
anti-oppression workshops for the past eight years and worked on the
Women's Hands and Voices Project for the NCRA.
Grimy, Street Radio
Grimy has facilitated Street Radio for one year.  It is podcasted on
HomelessNation.org and aired on CKUT.  The program is produced in the
streets and aims to put radio equipment in the hands of street youth.
Community Radio Around the Globe
Seth Porcello, CKUT
Seth Porcello is an independent journalist, CKUT DJ, and auditory dumpster
diver. He recently returned from an 8 month stay in Panama where he worked
in an indigenous community in the province of Darien, teaching Audacity,
facilitating workshops in sound recording, and building the first digital
audio editing studio for cassettes in the province. During the summer of
2006, Seth spent 4 months in Palestine where he worked with the
International Middle East Media Center as a News Editor. During this time
he also produced a series of radio documentaries on life under Israeli
occupation, one of which won the Nation Campus and Community Association's
Best Documentary 2007 Award.
Roberto Nieto
Roberto Nieto has been a media activist since 1996. He has been involved
in several community radio stations around montreal and has also
collaborated with the world association of community radio stations
(amarc) in various radio events around the world. In 2001, he was also
involved as an activist in the anti-capitalist mobilization around the
summit of the americas in quebec city and more recently he has worked with
migrant workers to produced a weekly radio show informing them about their
Nithya Vijayakumar, CKUT
Nithya Vijayakumar is an undergraduate student at McGill University in
Political Science and Geography (Urban Systems). She has been working at
CKUT-Radio since 2005 and is currently the Chair of the Bord of Directors.
She is interested in community radio as a tool for civic participation and
went to South India this summer to visit community radio initiatives
Evan Light, AMARC
Evan Light started participating in community radio in the Pine Barrens of
New Jersey in 1993 and is currently a member of the board of directors of
the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA) and a longtime
volunteer at CKUT Radio in Montreal. He has worked extensively with the
World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC), most recently
participating in the development of the first world standard for community
broadcasting policy. Evan is currently a doctoral student in
communications at Universite du Quebec a Montreal where his research
examines the intersections of democracy, alternative media and
communication policy.
Indigenous Radio
Irkar Beljaars
Irkar Beljaars a Metis from Montreal who has been working at CKUT 90.3FM
as a journalist and producer of Native Solidarity News (NSN) for about two
and a half years. Besides NSN, Irkar has been part of CKUT's Homelessness
Marathon, helped to organize the Day of Action in Montreal and organized
The Sisters in Spirit Vigil which took place in Montreal on October 4th.
Stuart Myiow
Stuart Myiow is a representative from the Mohawk Traditional Council of
Kahnawake.  He also programs a weekly internet radio program based on
events happening within his community and nation.
Women in Community Radio
Rose Marie Whalley, CKUT
Rose Marie Whalley is a grassroots social activist who has lived in
Montreal since 1971. About 20 years ago, driven by the Montreal cold, she
sought refuge in the warm studio of a local community radio station.
Interested in developing radio from a feminist perspective, Rose Marie is
a founding member of CKUT's Older Women Live (OWL) collective. She is also
a long-time member of Canadian Voice of Women for Peace and a retired
Sharmeen Khan
Sharmeen Khan is a graduate student in Communications and Culture at York
University. She is also on the Editorial Collective of Upping the Anti: A
Journal of Theory and Action. She has volunteered and worked in community
radio for the past eight years, most recently as the Volunteer Coordinator
at CHRY 105.5FM at York University. She has been facilitating
anti-oppression workshops for the past eight years and worked on the
Women's Hands and Voices Project for the NCRA.
Angie Wilson, CKUT
Angela Wilson is a PhD candidate in Communication Studies at Concordia
University. She studies gender, sexual identity, cultural production,
alternative media, popular music, and the political potential of music and
youth subcultures. As part of the Venus Collective, Angela is a host of a
weekly radio program on CKUT 90.3 FM showcasing independent female
musicians. With the rest of the Collective, Angela can also be found DJing
and choreographing your wine and cheese or your dance party--she'll be the
one mixing Crass and Irma Thomas by way of the Slits and Wanda Jackson.
Community Radio and the CRTC
Normand Landry, McGill
Normand Landry is a doctoral student in communication studies at McGill
University as well as a researcher at the Media@McGill unit for critical
communications research. Before coming to McGill he was affiliated with
the Communication Policy Research Laboratory (LRPC) at Universite de
Montreal, where his work on global media governance and the World Summit
on the Information Society was published, with Marc Raboy, as Civil
Society, Communication, and Global Governance (Peter Lang Publishers). His
work focuses on social movement theory, alternative media and democratic
communications, and environmentalism.
Genvieve Bonin
Genevieve A. Bonin is a former freelance journalist and radio announcer,
currently pursuing graduate studies (Ph.D.) in Communication Studies at
McGill University. Her research involves the evaluation of CRTC policies
and procedures in the context of radio licence renewals between 1997 and
2007. Her professional experience has also included work in human
resources, communications, tourism and education in Montreal,
Ottawa-Gatineau, Sudbury, Quebec City and Halifax. She holds degrees in
communications, journalism and business administration.
Evan Light, NCRA
(see above)
Marc Raboy
Marc Raboy is the Beaverbrook Chair in Ethics, Media and Communications
and is a Professor within the Department of Art History and Communication
Studies at McGill.  He is a member of the international council of the
International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) and
is also a founding member of an international advocacy campaign:
Communication Rights in the Information Society.
Human Rights Journalism and Youth Radio
Mostafa Henaway, SNAP!
Mostafa Henaway is a former news collective coordinator and current host
and producer of the Tuesday Morning After at CKUT 90.3FM. He is also an
independent journalist, active with Solidarity Across Borders and the
Immigrant Workers' Centre. Mostafa was involved in helping to coordinate
the SNAP! youth of colour radio project this past summer and has worked to
produce radio programming on racial profiling and from sanctuary.
Luis Heng, Intertribal Youth Council
Luis Heng is originally from the Philippines. Being a youth supporter, he
is an active volunteer fundraiser for the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre (ITYC)
of Montreal, where he holds the title of VP External in the Youth Council.
Involvement with the ITYC led ot involvement with SNAP! and CKUT 90.3 FM's
Native Solidarity News. Says Luis, "it has been a learning experience
learning about the realities of life for the underprivileged. Being one of
the voices of youth today with the Native Solidarity News has given me a
whole new sense of self-worth. I have come to the realization that one can
make a difference in this world. It all starts with one."
Jooneed Khan
Jooneed Khan is a veteran international affairs reporter and analyst at
LaPresse. Over nearly 35 years, he has reported from some 60 countries. He
spent three months of 2003 in Irak, before, during and after the US
invasion. He has lectured on Non Western History at UQAM and authored many
articles in English, including for Al Ahram Weekly in Egypt. He comes from
Mauritius and is a graduate of the Universite de Montreal.
Dexter X
Dexter X is a direct-action activist, producer & DJ. A former programmer
and Program Coordinator at CKUT radio in Montreal, Dexter has taught media
workshops in South Africa, the Philippines and Brazil. The film "Butte,"
which he edited, was nominated for best short film at Montreal's First
Peoples' Festival. He is currently developing a documentary film about the
human and ecological impacts of Tar Sands extraction in Alberta. Dexter is
also a climbing, blockades and civil disobedience activist and instructor
for Greenpeace, The Ruckus Society, Students for a Free Tibet and other
environmental, justice and human rights organizations.
Danielle Holyk, Siafu Magazine
Danielle Holyk has been a collective member of Siafu Magazine, a Montreal
news and culture publication from the bottom up, since its wheels started
rolling in the summer of 2005. A firm believer that media should be
created by people and not (only) by specialists, the McGill BA she finally
completed is neither in communications nor journalism. Most of the
relavant knowledge she's gained is from interatictions outside the
classroom, like from invlovement in the Quebec student movement, community
radio work in Mali, and organizing around various social justice issues in
Copyright and Community Radio
Tina Piper, McGill Law Faculty
Tina Piper explores why artists, scientists and inventors create and
innovate through the lens of intellectual property law, legal history and
results from empirical investigations. She is currently conducting funded
research into the role of patent pools in providing access to medicines,
policy levers in Canadian patent law and policies to promote open,
collaborative scientific networks. She is co-project lead of Creative
Commons Canada. Before joining McGill, Professor Piper clerked for the
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. She completed graduate work
at the University of Oxford as a Canadian Rhodes Scholar. She is a member
of McGill's Centre for Intellectual Property Policy. Professor Piper
graduated from the University of Toronto's Engineering Science program as
a National Scholar with a specialization in Electrical/Biomedical
Engineering. She then graduated as the gold medallist at Dalhousie Law
School in 2001.
Owen Chapman, Concordia
Owen Chapman is Assistant professor in Communication Studies at Concordia
University (Montreal). Owen Chapman is also a DJ and sample-based composer
under the moniker "Opositive". His sound art ranges from intermedia
performance (incorporating original music, video projection and live
scratch DJing), to studio-based composition. He teaches graduate and
undergraduate courses in sound production and the history of media
technology. He has written on audio sampling for a variety of academic
publications including M/C: Journal and The Canadian Journal of
Communication. His work has been commissioned internationally for radio,
video and contemporary dance. Tune into the mix.
Hugh McGuire
Hugh McGuire is a Montreal-based writer, web developer and community
builder. He is the founder of LibriVox.org, a volunteer project to make
free audio versions of public domain books; and co-founder of Collectik
Software, a developer of a web-based on-demand media manager, and other
web applications. In a former life, Hugh was an engineer and worked in the
energy sector with a focus on climate change issues, for a large electric
utility company, a financial brokerage, and an alternative energy
technology company.
Direct Action Radio
Aaron Lakoff, CKUT
Aaron Lakoff is an independent journalist and community organizer based in
Montreal. He has been working with the CKUT community news collective for
the last 5 years, trying to deepen the links between social justice
movements and independent media. As an organizer, Aaron is a member of
Solidarity Across Borders (a migrant justice network), and Block the
Empire. He has reported on a variety of struggles from occupied Palestine,
Haiti, Mexico, and across North America.
Mostafa Henaway, SNAP!
(see above)
Gretchen King, CKUT
Gretchen King has been cultivating spaces for Indymedia radio
mobilizations since the WTO dared to meet in Seattle in 1999. Gretchen has
been an active participant in using the radio revolution as a means of
connecting mobilizations worldwide through the FM dial and over the
internet. Gretchen is currently the Community News Coordinator at CKUT
90.3 FM in Montreal, creating a space for communities to broadcast their
resistance over the FM dial. She has coordinated Canada's annual
Homelessness Marathon for the last six years and is currently cultivating
a formal Community News Network across the country.
New Technologies and Community Radio,
Nick Foster, CKUT
Nick Foster, known to listeners as Professor Groove, started WEFUNK Radio
with co-host DJ Static in 1996. On WEFUNK, the duo presents a two hour
mixshow bringing together hip hop and its roots of funk and soul. Over its
decade on-air, the radio show has become a mainstay of the Montreal
airwaves (on CKUT, 90.3FM) and garnered an ever-growing online
listenership that includes syndication on Apple's iTunes Radio. Esquire
magazine proclaimed WEFUNK "ten times more satisfying than the recycled
tunes on your iPod," and publications as diverse as Straight No Chaser and
Fortune have been quick to agree.
Radio, Art and Freedom of Thought
Tianna Kennedy, Free 103.9
Tianna Kennedy is the Brooklyn Program Director of free103point9. In
addition to her administrative role with free103point9, Tianna is,
herself, a curator and transmission artist. She also plays cello,
recording and performing frequently. Tianna co-founded the August Sound
Coalition in 2004 and the Empty Vessel Project in 2005. Tianna holds a MA
from NYU's Performance Studies program. She frequently teaches
free103point9 Radio labs, and has presented at Location 1, NY; at
Pixelache particle/wave (hybrid radio workshop), Helsinki, Finland; at
Deep Wireless's Radio Without Boundaries, Toronto, Canada; and NYC
Grassroots Media conferences. In 2006/7, Tianna taught "Radio Culture" and
"Sight, Sound, and Motion" at Brooklyn College.
Kathy Kennedy, CKUT
Kathy Kennedy is a community artist with a background in classical
singing. She is a founding member of Studio XX, the digital media centre
for women, and artistic director of the innovative women's choir, Choeur
Maha. Her large scale works for radio and live voices have been performed
at Place des Arts, for the innauguration of the Vancouver Public Library
and at Lincoln Center's Out of Doors festival, among other places.
Charlotte Scott
Charlotte Scott works as CKUT's spoken word coordinator. She studied
communications and culture at various Canadian universities before
receiving her MA from Ryerson/York for a sound composition about acoustic
community and environmental philosophy. Charlotte plays electric bass,
cello, & glockenspiel and sings in a psychedelic rock band called
Triceratreetops. She likes to wander around in forests.
Closing Plenary Discussion: What is Media Democracy?
Darin Barney, McGill
Darin Barney is Canada Research Chair in Technology and Citizenship at
McGill University. He is the author of Communication Technology: The
Canadian Democratic Audit (UBC Press: 2005); The Network Society (Polity
Press: 2004); and Prometheus Wired: The Hope for Democracy in the Age of
Network Technology (UBC Press/University of Chicago Press: 2000) which was
awarded the 2001 Award for Social and Ethical Relevance in Communication
Research by the McGannon Center for Communication Research at Fordham
University. In 2003, he received the inaugural Aurora Prize, awarded by
the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada for
outstanding contribution to Canadian intellectual life by a new
researcher. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Radio CKUT
and Media@McGill.
Tianna Kennedy, Free 103.9
(see above)
Samaa Elibyari
Samaa Elibyari has been presenting Caravan, a community program giving an
Arab/Muslim perspective on current events, for more than 10 year. A
self-taught radio activist, Samaa has raised Caravan to a fine
professional level.
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