PRISONERS JUSTICE DAY broadcasted on Friday, August 10, 2007

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PJD began in 1975 in Millhaven Penitentiary (Kingston, ON) to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of Eddie Nalon, a prisoner in segregation awaiting medical assistance. Over the years, prisoners continue to recognize the day by fasting and refusing work. Community groups and family members organize solidarity events outside prisons.

7 a.m. Topic: Introduction to PJD

Lillian from CFAD on PJD and it’s importance (over topics), then she’ll interview mohammed(!). mohammed lofti on PJD, the work of souverains anonymes (what it is, how it began), the name, best/worst exp, SA in contrast to other media, his message on PJD.

Up next – A documentary about the history of Prison Justice Day, featuring the stories and memories of prisoners and activists. August 10th is Prison Justice Day. It is a day to honour the memory of the men and women who have died unnatural deaths inside Canadian prisons. On this day, prisoners across the country fast, refuse to work, and remain in their cells, while supporters organize community events to draw attention to the conditions inside of prisons. This documentary is dedicated to all those who have died behind bars.

8:45 a.m. Topic: Healthcare in prison

Mental health in prison Ashanti

9 a.m. Topic: Prisons, race and poverty

This hour we’ll feature Beyond the Bars – Highlights from an aboriginal prisoner broadcast for NAIDOC week in Australia. The week celebrates the survival of Indigenous culture and the Indigenous contribution to modern Australia. stay tuned for Highlights from an Australian Community Radio’s (3CR) broadcast from behind bars.

first, we’ll turn to the amnesty campaign for the survivors of katrina, some of whom were left locked behind bars with nothing to help them
survive for five days. we spoke with robert cool black horton with critical resistance in new orleans – a prison abolition organization.

Plus an interview on Solidarity work with Native prisoners with Tom Big Warrior.

10 a.m. Immigration and “security”

This hour was hosted by Kader B from Sanctuary.

Since its existence, Security Certificates have been hailed as a violation of fundamental rights, as prisoners are detained in the name of national security without a reasonable process of trial. Matthew Behrens speaks on the post-911 institution.
Later in the hour, we talk to Sophie Harkat, spouse of Mohamed Harkat who was detained under the Security Certificate process and remains under strict surveillance.

Then, stay tuned as we speak to Ben Amarbenatta, subject of first post September 11 rendition case. He speaks on his experience of being unlawfully rendered to American authorities and his time in a New York detention center.

11 a.m. Topic: Navigating the justice system

Interview with Robert Gaucher, prof. of criminology at the University of Ottawa about a prisoner support group he’s involved with, infinity lifers liaison a group that visits Collins Bay Prison (from Maxime Brunet at CHUO – please make sure you give credit).

First up on the hour- Juvenile detention and youth profiling continues to be prevalent in the Canadian justice system. Neil works with Jeunesse 2000, a youth in a drop-in center affiliated with Head&Hands. He speaks about his experience.

12 p.m. Topic: History and geography of incarceration

First up on the hour- Peter Wagner, the coordinator of the prison policy initiative speaks on the American incarceration system and the lack of political representation for prisoners.

Then, a history of the prison abolition movement and restorative justice in Canada.

We also speak to Joan coordinator from the Written House in Toronto ON. The mandate of the organization includes public education on prisoner-related issues and aids prisoners and ex-prisoners.

1 p.m. Topic: Women in prison/families

Women are a growing demographic in the Canadian justice system and can no longer be ignored. The interview coming up this hour explores the effect of the prison system has on female inmates. Many women are in prison for non-violent crime and have children. Gretchen speaks to Lilian, the director of CFAD providing aid to women in prisons.
The a in-depth look at rape on the inside with the founder of Stop Prison Rape.

2 p.m. Topic: Filipino political prisoners

Sigaw ng Bayan host a PJD Special.

3 p.m. Topic: Queer/trans prisoners

The Sylvie Revera Law Project engages in direct prisoner support and legal advocacy within the New York community. We look at this organization which works to ensure all people are free to self-determined gender identity and expression without facing discrimination or violence and regardless of race or income.

Then we turn to Fierce, a community organization for LGBT youth of colour in New York. Fierce works to empower queer and trans youth in the community. The organization takes on institutions that perpetuate transphobia, homophobia, racism, gender bias, ethnic conflict and health crisis.

4 p.m. Topic: Music and resistance to the Prison Industrial Complex

Coming up on the hour, a spiritual take on prisoner support. Stay tuned for an interview on the Liberation Prison Project. The San-Francisco based Tibetan-Buddhist organization provides spiritual advice and teaching to inmates.

5 p.m. Topic: Political prisoners

Update on the Green Scare and Daniel’s imprisonment, plus Ramona Africa on the Move family still behind bars.

Then, in 1971, John Young, a San Francisco police officer was killed. Members of the Black Panther party were arrested, charged and then tortured by San Francisco and New Orleans police. Courts eventually dismissed the charges based on the police extracting confessions via torture. Now more than 35 years later, the case has been reopened. On January 23rd, 2007, some of those same men were arrested again.

In this special documentary from the Freedom Archives, we hear from some of the accused men themselves. They describe the torture and how they were targeted for their political activities.

6 p.m. Topic: 30 min Live panel with local prison organizers

Prisoner solidarity work, plus a look at Harper’s Crime Bill and an interview with PJAC in Toronto.


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