Reverend Kevin Annett & Genocide in Canada’s “Residential Schools”

This is a sample of an interview Joe Broadhurst from did with Rev. Kevin Annett. Rev. Annett has a new award-winning documentary film, Unrepentant: Kevin Annett & Canada’s Genocide, currently showing in different cities across Canada. He will be in Montreal around March 15th. We will be playing more of this interview in the lead-up to his presence in Montreal. For more information regarding his struggle, please visit

mp3 Sample is HERE


3 thoughts on “Reverend Kevin Annett & Genocide in Canada’s “Residential Schools”

  1. Hello reverend Kevin Annett,

    Ileft amessage on your phone could you please let me know if there will be asowing of the documentary UNREPENTANT in Kahnawake soon or in the near future . please respond .
    thank you


  2. Hi Kevin,
    We met in Ottawa (Feb 25, 08) and I was so moved by the movie UNREPENTANT. It actually left me feeling sick and nauseous…and I didn’t even attend Residential School. I want to thank you for the work you have done and the sacrifices you have done on behalf of the First Nations people. I believe the creator has really big things for you. Be blessed


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