South Asian Community News #007: Pakistani Fisherfolk Movement and South Asian Songs of Resistance

Listen to South Asian Community News on CKUT 90.3FM #007: December 18th, 2006
Pakistani Fisherfolk and South Asian Songs of Resistance

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In Part I of today's program, an interview with Mohammad Ali Shah about a
pakistani fisherfolk movement. And in Part II, we play a number of south
asian songs of resistance, ranging from songs from the women's movement
and songs from the 1970s demanding the release of political prisoners.

MOHAMMAD ALI SHAH is a former fishermen and is currently the chairperson
of the Pakistani Fisherfolk Forum, a grassroots movement of fisherfolk
communities.  In this interview, Mohammad Ali Shah speaks about the
threats to the livelihood of fishermen of Pakistan and the organizing work
that the Pakistani Fisherfolk Forum does in communities.

SOUTH ASIAN COMMUNITY NEWS is a bi-monthly 1 hour radio program produced
by members of the south asian community in Montreal, Canada, for community
radio CKUT 90.3FM. It is a forum about local and global issues affecting
south asians. We are supporters of social justice and will strive to bring
you voices from the community.

To send your comments, get involved, or get in touch with the south asian
community news collective, email: southasia @ ckut . ca

Please feel free to re-broadcast this program on your Community Radio

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#007: Pakistani Fisherfolk and South Asian Songs of Resistance

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