! LA RAGE DU PEUPLE ! New Year’s Day Special Programming (9am-8pm)

11 hours of Special Programming
MONDAY, JANUARY 1, 2007, 9am-8pm (E.s.t)

–> Listen in MONTREAL at 90.3FM
–> Listen EVERYWHERE online at www.ckut.ca

[[[ The promo ad for our New Year’s Day special, with Keny Arkana’s “La rage du peuple”, is available to listen at: http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=20956 ]]]

LA RAGE DU PEUPLE is look back at the resistance of local and global social justice movements … and a look ahead to the struggles to come in 2007.

Includes a special 2-hour edition of RADIO SANCTUARY (6-8pm), with Kader Belaouni, live from the St-Gabriel’s Church in Point St-Charles where Kader has been in sanctuary, defying a deportation order, since January 2006.

And live in-studio perfomances by Iqi Balam of LA BANDA DE GAZA (at 2pm) and other local musicians.

The LA RAGE DU PEUPLE New Year’s Day Special will include interviews, reports and reflections from organizers involved in social justice struggles in Montreal and around the world. We will hear voices from the frontlines. We will reflect on current movements against war and for migrant justice, as well as ongoing popular rebellions and grassroots resistance movements. From Montreal, we will also speak with local organizers and activists as they reflect on the past year, and look ahead to 2007.

Some of the scheduled programming on LA RAGE DU PEUPLE, in English and French, includes:

– Interviews from Port-au Prince, Haiti; Oaxaca, Mexico; Six Nations, Turtle Island; Beirut, Lebanon; the Gaza Strip, occupied Palestine; Kahnawake, Turtle Island and elsewhere ….

– In-studio interviews with local organizers and activists on topics ranging from international solidarity, racial profiling, immigrant justice, Canada in Afghanistan, police brutality, poverty, prisons, and more …

– The New Year’s Day special will include a selection of CKUT Community News programming from 2006, including audio from the People’s Commission into Immigration “Security” Measures (Montreal), the Boycotting Israeli Apartheid Conference (Toronto), Prisoner Justice Day programming, the best of En Profondeur, as well as other events, conferences and protests covered by the CKUT news crew.

[A updated schedule of New Year’s Day programming will be posted shortly, and updated on the CKUT News Collective website: https://ckutnews.wordpress.com]
Tune-in to LA RAGE DU PEUPLE between 9am-8pm (E.s.t.) on JANUARY 1, 2007.

–> Listen in MONTREAL at 90.3FM
–> Listen EVERYWHERE online at www.ckut.ca

Hosted and produced by members of the CKUT Community News Collective.

INFO: news@ckut.ca / 514-448-4041 x6788


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