CKUT and Head & Hands :: 2 hour broadcast on racial profiling

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On Friday December 8th, CKUT and Head and Hands broadcasted a live 2 hour special on racial profiling from their Youth drop in NDG. This was a follow up braodcast on issues of racial profiling, police brutality, and new city related attempts to further criminalize, and marginalize youth of colour in Montreal.

Last June CKUT and Head and Hands had did a special on racial profiling, the effects on different communities,
and youth who face police harrasement in Metro Vandome. The follow up was a segmant called “Break Down” in August which aired interviews from youth who face that daily police harassment and who fight back against that harassment and criminalization and poverty. On this broadcast we wish to continue on these discussions as they are not reflected in the media, so join us to break down the silence on racial profiling and police brutality.

==> Previous Broadcast on Racial Profiling

CKUT:: Off The Hour :: Breakdown :: Show on Racial Profiling


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