Rainforest Catastrophe: Chevron’s Fraud & Deceit in Ecuador

In its 28 years in Ecuador’s rainforest, Chevron deliberately dumped more than 30 times the amount of pure crude spilled in the Exxon Valdez disaster. This toxic dumping has created a major risk of cancer and other health problems to the estimated 30,000 persons who live in the affected area, which is roughly the size of Rhode Island. It has spoiled once-pristine lands and waterways in the delicate rainforest ecosystem, threatened the very existence of five ancestral indigenous groups, and likely caused the disappearance of a sixth indigenous group that already was in decline when Chevron entered its territory. Chevron designed and built a system of roughly 350 wells and an extensive pipeline network that by Chevron’s own admission systematically dumped more than 18 billion gallons of carcinogenic byproduct (known as “water of formation” or simply “waste water”) directly into the rainforest environment. (read more)


One thought on “Rainforest Catastrophe: Chevron’s Fraud & Deceit in Ecuador

  1. Interesting and disturbing. Links to more mainstream documentation (Scientific American, Nature, New York Times, etc.) would be helpful, if such documentation exists.


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